Workplace Safety Considerations

You and the person who offices next to you, or the person with whom you just shared a story in the break room, may not share the same employer. Some worksites contain a mix of workers that includes traditional employees, temporary workers placed by staffing agencies, and workers employed by contractors or subcontractors. These multiemployer worksites raise a host of issues, including worksite safety training.

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We are undeterred. Corey Atchison’s family and friends gathered outside the courtroom today with hopeful anticipation. Unfortunately, Judge Sharon Holmes announced a delay in ruling today on the Corey Atchison case. Our new hearing date is July 16, 2019.

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Okmulgee County Oklahoma Hung Jury on DUI Child Endangerment

L.L. was traveling north on Highway 75 through Okmulgee County, OK when he was pulled over by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper. The Trooper walked to the driver side of the vehicle L.L. was driving and witnessed L.L.’s pregnant wife and young daughter in the vehicle with him. The Trooper claimed to smell alcohol and asked L.L. to exit the vehicle.

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DUIAmanda Norwood
Case Dismissed - DUI

K.D. was charged with DUI in Creek County after being pulled over by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper for allegedly running a red light.  Joe discovered that during the pullover the Highway Patrol Trooper performed several standard field sobriety tests that were not approved by the Oklahoma Board of Tests, therefore the Trooper would not be able to testify at trial whether K.D. performed the tests successfully.

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DUI, Big WinsAmanda Norwood
Indian Tribe Liability for Legal Wrongs or Injuries


At the Norwood Law Firm we have experience dealing with the various tribes and their various branches of government.  If you have been injured or had some other legal wrong committed against you by an Indian Tribe or its employees please call for a free consultation.

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Youthful Offender / Juvenile Victory

My client was charged with two counts of lewd molestation as a youthful offender in District Court in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Client was 15 years old when charged and the alleged victim was a younger sibling.  Client was originally charged in the District Court for Tulsa County, Oklahoma where adults are charged with criminal allegations.  Juvenile court is where individuals under the age of 18 years old are generally charged.  

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