Automobile Accident / Car Wreck Wins for Norwood Law Firm Clients

August 2010 - Automobile Accident / Car Wreck Settlement for $45,000 in Tulsa County District Court

D.J. had a tire company truck turn left in front of her car while she was traveling 40 mph down 71st St in Tulsa.  She t-boned the truck which knocked her out, and  also injured her wrist.  D.J. had her children with her and her minivan was totaled. 

The insurance company was not willing to settle, claiming that she was at fault.  I filed suit against the tire company and started gathering all the evidence.  Through the litigation process it was discovered that the driver of the tire company’s truck had a significant substance abuse problem and was fired from the tire company for testing positive for cocaine. 

The tire company truck driver eventually went to prison for possession of controlled drug and the insurance company for the tire truck company offered $45,000 as a car accident settlement.  This put $15,000 in D.J.’s pocket after all medical bills and fees were paid.

2008 - Tahlequah, OK Automobile Accident / Car Wreck Settlement for $35,000

D.S. was rear-ended by a cement mixing truck when she was six months pregnant causing multiple injuries including an injury to her wrist that required surgery. The insurance company for the cement truck attempted to minimize the injuries that were sustained by D.S. and claimed that some of the treatment that she received was not necessary. After intensive negotiations the insurance company settled the case for a $35,000 as a truck accident settlement, which covered all of her medical bills and put additional money in her pocket to the tune of $15,000.