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Case Dismissed - DUI

K.D. was charged with DUI in Creek County after being pulled over by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper for allegedly running a red light.  Joe discovered that during the pullover the Highway Patrol Trooper performed several standard field sobriety tests that were not approved by the Oklahoma Board of Tests, therefore the Trooper would not be able to testify at trial whether K.D. performed the tests successfully.

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Not Guilty - DUI

D.H. was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI ).  Since D.H. is a business professional that depends on his driving license and auto insurance as tools for his profession he could not afford to take a conviction or even be put on probation for DUI.

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Case Dismissed and Expunged – First Degree Rape

E.M., who is a permanent resident (has his green card) was charged with rape in the first degree.  After a preliminary hearing where the state of Oklahoma’s case was effectively dismantled, the district attorney offered E.M. a reduction from first degree rape to misdemeanor assault and battery, a no contest plea and a deferred sentence probation for one year and a $50 fine.

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